• The Best Imported South American Sea Cucumber

    The Best Imported South American Sea Cucumber
    The appearance of sea cucumbermay look unappetizing, but this marine life is known as one of the world’s Eight Treasures along with ginseng, shark fin, and bird’s nest. Because of their medicinal properties, these Eight Treasures are very popular in China. The following are several reasons why sea cucumber is really popular:
    1.    Low Calorie, high protein, rich in collagen
    2.    Contains riboflavin B-2 that can help the body to prevent cancer
    3.    Contains triterpene glycosides that can prevent cancer and reduce cancer growth
    4.    Suitable for various people with medical problems
    Interestingly, unlike the other Eight Treasures that are considered rare, sea cucumber can almost be found worldwide. Yet, still, different region harvests different sea cucumber. And lately, China has been in the craze for sea cucumber harvested from North America and South America.
    South American sea cucumber and North American sea cucumber are considered better than the ones farmed in China. The reason? It’s because American sea cucumbersare 100% grown in thewilderness. Being grown in thewilderness, South American sea cucumber doesn’t only taste better, but also far superior in nutritional value than bred sea cucumber.
    Even though sea cucumber is easily found everywhere, wild sea cucumber is a little bit harder to be cultivated (and therefore, rare). For the wild sea cucumber’s nutrition to be successfully cultivated, the sea cucumbers will need edible seabed algae.  Then it still needs to wait for 3-8 years until it reaches adulthood. Then the diver will harvest them and ready to be exported or put on the shelves.
    One of the best places to get an imported wild sea cucumber in China is Pacificly Savanna. Pacificly Savanna Resource (Asia Pacific) Co., Ltd. processes and wholesales frozen and dried sea cucumber, fish maw, and fish tripe. Theysell various types of sea cucumber and the list can be found on their website. Once the sea cucumber is processed, then Pacificly Savanna will export the processed product to Hong Kong, Macau, China, Taiwan, United States, and Canada.
    Customers don’t need to be wary of being cheated. As a distributor organization with a business philosophy, “Integrity First & Customer First”, they guarantee that the products are absolutely 100% imported from abroad, selected carefully and dutifully by Pacific Savanna’s staff, reducing many overlaying costs, and allowing both in quality and price advantages.

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